Fair Use Policy


This document, herein referred to as the "Document", details the fair use policies for accessing and using www.getmybiz.com.au and its associated applications and systems, herein referred to as "Getmybiz".

Before proceeding with accessing or using Getmybiz, you are signifying your agreement to the terms and conditions outlined in this document, as well as the full Terms and Conditions of Getmybiz.

If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not access or use the Getmybiz website.


Duplicate Content | Top

Each business listing published on Getmybiz must be for the purpose of promoting a distinct business entity. A distinct business entity is one that is identified by:

  • Australian Business Number (ABN),
  • Australian Company Number (ACN) or
  • domain name in the URL, e.g. www.getmybiz.com.au or getmybiz.com.au are considered to share the same domain name

This constraint is necessary because publishing multiple listings with duplicate contents has the following negative impacts:

  • multiple listings consume additional display real estate and resources from Getmybiz to the detriment of customers who are publishing a single listing for a business.
  • duplicate content will attract negative scoring by search engines in ranking Getmybiz and therefore disadvantages the entire community.

Due to the negative impacts incurred from this practice, business listings that are found to contain duplicate content will be removed immediately if found and a warning may be issue to the author. Repeated offence will result in account suspension with or without notice.

Listing Quota | Top

For a standard user account, a maximum of two distinct business listings is allowed to be published on Getmybiz under that user account at any given time, provided each of the business is a separate entity, i.e. each business has a different ABN/ACN.

Agencies | Top

Getmybiz recognises that the two (2) listings per account quote might be too restrictive for some customers, for example: Digital Marketing, Job Recruitment, Real Estate businesses and so on. Please contact Getmybiz team to discuss if you would like to have an extended quota for your account. Our team is more than happy to help serve your business needs.

Modifications to this Document | Top

Getmybiz reserves the right to update this Document from time to time, as per the full Terms and Conditions of Getmybiz.

This document is effective as of 23rd January 2019.