Australian Dental Prosthetists Association

ADPA - Australian Dental Prosthetists Association is the peak body that represents the interests of all the Australian dental prosthetists and their patients. We initiated it with the primary purpose of advancing, supporting and fostering the interests, status and development of dental prosthetics. We also aim at increasing the awareness and recognition of the profession in the different sectors of the society.

Here, we are trying to cover the nook and corner of dentistry - sharing information related to dental implants, denture repair and specifically, everything related to dental prosthetics. We also help the patients to search for a dental prosthetist i.e. a denture clinic in their area as our association includes some renowned names who are registered nationally with the Dental Board of Australia.

Our Forte

We promote excellence in dental prosthetics and for it we strive to provide all the details for a number of prosthetic treatments like tooth implant, partial dentures, fake teeth or full denture implants. 

If the patient is seeking for false teeth, we not only guide them accordingly with the treatment options and information of the best dental prosthetic but also provide them with an entire post-treatment care. Our association ensures that the patients can analyse in detail regarding how the option of dentures will work best for them.

Know more about our services, our mission and the purpose of APDA by contacting us directly.

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