K9 Sparkling Dog Wash

K9 Sparkling Dog Wash
About the Business

K9 Sparkling Dog Wash is a reputed organization for washing and basic grooming needs of your dog. Staff members working there love dogs and are passionate about the services they provide. What separates them from their competitors is that they strongly believe that dogs have emotions and don't like getting tied down for long periods of time. Your dog will be washed in a relaxing and loving environment without using a cage.

Premium quality shampoos & conditioners are used with fresh warm water. The prices are competitive and realistic. Extra care is taken for the sensitive areas such as ears and eyes. After washing water will be removed with a towel or blow dry method and cologne will be applied which will make your dog smell fantastic.

Following services are provided:
• Flea & Tick Removal
• Shaving
• Gentle Massage Therapy
• Clipping & Styling
• Nail Clipping
• De-shedding