Laser Dentistry

You may have fear going to the dentist in the past, enduring the painful jabbing at your teeth and gums. It may have been hard to eat afterwards, as you chewed on only the soft food that your gums could handle. Well, things have changed today with the advance in laser dentistry and cosmetics through your dentist at Integrity Dental. The laser dentist uses the heat of the laser to vaporize germs and plaque on your teeth. They can also shape your gums to better fit you for dentures and dental caps. And lasers enable dentists in Australia to skim your gums, checking for any signs of periodontal disease. They can also easily remove skin tissues for your mouth and diagnose any type of mouth cancer. Lasers have also advanced teeth whitening to a new level. Forget spending two weeks using dental strips, which only whiten the teeth you see. Laser whitening today takes about an hour. And you don’t leave your teeth enamel susceptible to sensitivity and cavities.

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