Newborne Packaging Pty Ltd

Located in Campbellfield, Newborne Packaging is a 100% family owned and operated business specialising in providing high-quality folding carton packaging solutions. With more than 30 years of industry experience, we have built an enviable reputation for being reliable and trustworthy cardboard box manufacturers in Melbourne.
We have in-house design, development, plate making, proofing and forme cutting facilities which ensure the quality control of the whole procedure. As one of the leading box manufacturers and gift box manufacturers in Melbourne, we specialise in custom cardboard boxes, custom printed boxes, custom packaging, product packaging and wine packaging solutions.
With in-house design and production capabilities, we will closely work with our clients to engineer perfect custom boxes in Melbourne at the most competitive pricing.
Our product range:
• Crash Lock Bottom & Tuck In Lid
• Six Bottle Carry Pack
• Four Corner Glued Tray
• Hand Lock Bottom & Tuck In Top
• Crash Lock Bottom
• Carry Pack
Why choose us?
• Structural and print design & development
• Packaging experts and consultants
• In-house plate and forme manufacturing facility
• Large customer base
• End-to-end printed packaging solutions
For a prompt quote or for any other query, give us a call at our registered number or visit our website.

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