Total Underpinning

Total Underpinning
About the Business

Underpinning is the process of intensification and stabilizing the foundation of a solid brick or brick veneer home, which is showing signs of structural movement and is an area in which Total Underpinning have been specializing for over many years. The process of underpinning requires a soil test to establish the finest depth for the foundation, and a structural engineer to identify the works that need to be undertaken. It is a requirement that all underpinning permit applications must be accompanied by a structural engineer’s design and certification. We have been underpinning Melbourne homes for four decades and have the experience and knowledge to remedy the problem. Let’s take a look at the services.

1.   House restumping and re-blocking services

2.   Same day response to customer inquiries

3.   Home foundation stabilizing

4.   Structural repairs

5.   Impeccable assistance along with engineering certification

6.   Pressure Grouting

7.   Drilling

8.   Computerized floor re-leveling services

9.   Jacking foundations

10. Use of concrete pumps, if needed

11. Steam Cleaning, if required

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