Why Forklift Hire is Better Than Buying?

Why Forklift Hire is Better Than Buying?
About the Business

Ideal for lifting heavy stock up and onto shelving, forklifts are often a key piece of machinery in many factory settings. Whether you’re moving products to and from a delivery truck or you’re accessing multi-story shelving, they offer a service that is hard to replicate without heavy duty equipment. However, whilst they are a critical tool for many businesses, not everyone can afford the machinery that they need! If you’re wondering how you can access equipment such as this, consider forklift hire! It’s often a far better, more flexible, option than buying outright – and here’s why.

Affordable Alternative

As we mentioned above, the main reason people turn to forklift hire is because they can’t afford to purchase these expensive machines outright. Unfortunately, small companies and start-ups are often uncompetitive within their industry without the correct access equipment. Rather than limiting the stock they can move around their warehouse – and in turn, limit their profitability – renting equipment is the ideal solution for avoiding the initial outlay expense!

Maintenance Free

Another expense that often goes overlooked is the ongoing maintenance costs associated with these machines. Servicing and repairs are critical to keep your forklifts in perfect working order – and keep your employees safe whilst they are using them! Make sure you work with a forklift hire company who includes maintenance and servicing within their contracts, and look for a team who will offer replacement equipment in the event of an unforeseen repair!

Flexible Contracts

Whether you’re looking for a machine for a week or a year, is still the best choice! With flexible contracts, you can trial different machinery; add more equipment to your current fleet; continue working if one of your own lifts’ breakdown; invest in machinery for busy seasons; or use the equipment for one job each year! Whatever you need a forklift for, if it doesn’t make sense to purchase one outright, don’t!

Wide Range

Every business has different needs. That’s why the equipment that works for one company, may not be the ideal machine for another. With a wide range of models available for hire across the market, you can be confident that there is one to suit you. Most handling and access companies stock forklifts for indoor or outdoor use, with a number of different power options as well!

When it comes to moving heavy pallets and stock around your warehouse, there is no greater machine than a forklift. However, if you’re a new business or you’re expanding your fleet, you may be wondering how you’ll be able to afford an outright purchase. Forklift hire is the ideal choice for saving money – with flexible contracts, maintenance free, and a wide range of machines, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of everything a forklift can offer, starting today! Contact Liftech your local handling and access dealership to find the perfect model for your business, with the contract to match!