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Published — AUG 26, 2019

Getmybiz had started as an idea for a marketplace that helps connecting people to buy and sell businesses. Development on the website began in 2013 by Justin Zhong and over the course of the next year and a half of weekend coding, the first version was released to production on November 2014.

Shortly after the release, businesses started listing on Getmybiz and the business model evolved naturally into the present form of a free Australian Online Business Directory.

Since its launch, Getmybiz saw a steady organic growth in both site traffic and the number of customers publishing their business details on the platform.

In order to accommodate this trend and grow the business further, Getmybiz 2.0 was launched on June 2019 featuring a completely redesigned publishing platform. The aim is to make it even easier for customers to promote their businesses online.

Please try our service today and let's promote your business!

Yours sincerely,
Getmybiz Team

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