Fair Use Policy

Getmybiz Fair Use Policy

This document, herein referred to as the "Document", defines the policy governing user generated contents on the website at www.getmybiz.com.au and its associated applications and systems, herein referred to as "Getmybiz".


User Content | Top

Any text, images, videos, sounds or other media uploaded by customer of Getmybiz is classified as "User Content" and must conform to the following:

Business Entity | Top

A Business Entity refers to an Australian business with a valid ABN or/and ACN.

Primary Author | Top

The customer who publishes a listing for a Business Entity first is the Primary Author for that Business Entity. If the customer is a member of an Organisation Group, that Organisation Group will be taken as the Primary Author.

Publishing the same business under a different customer account is strictly prohibited and will be rejected by the review process. This restriction does not apply to customer accounts belonging to the same Organisation Group identified as the Primary Author, subject to the terms defined in Duplicate Business Details.

A customer/Organisation Group can cease to be the Primary Author and face the following actions if Getmybiz identifies that they are not the actual owner of the Business Entity, or failed to declare that they are acting on behalf of the Business Entity with authorisation:

Review Process | Top

In order to provide an informative and professional business classifieds service to the Getmybiz community, all User Contents are subject to a review process.

Any User Content that are found to breach the following criteria are subject for removal and the author's user account can be suspended. Note that the criteria below are a sample only and is not exhaustive.

Banned Advertisements

User Contents that advertises, mentions or suggests the following topics are prohibited:

Spam Content

This includes text that are generated programmatically or crafted with the purpose to exploit search engine algorithms.

The following patterns are common, but not exhaustive to spam contents:

Duplicate Business Details is considered a form of Spam Content.

For further information, see Google Webmaster articles: Automatically generated content and User-generated spam.

Explicit Images

There are customers who may feel discomfort seeing images of live insects or pests. Such images are considered inappropriate and prohibited on this website.

Author's Attention

The author of the User Content might be requested to make editorial changes and try publishing again, subject to moderator's discretion.

Duplicate Business Details | Top

Each business listing published on Getmybiz must be for the purpose of promoting a distinct and valid business entity. A distinct and valid business entity is one that is defined by:

This rule is in place to prevent the following negative impacts caused by publishing duplicate business details:

Due to the negative impacts incurred from this practice, business listings that are found to contain duplicate content will be removed immediately if found and a warning may or may not be issue to the author. Repeated offence will result in account suspension with or without notice.

Business Entity with Multiple Physical Locations

An exception to this is when the Business Entity operates from multiple physical locations. In this scenario, one business listing for each physical location where the Business Entity operates can be published. The listings published must be from the Primary Author and subject to Getmybiz review process.

This document is effective as of 1 August 2019.

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